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Let's clear up some misunderstandings about "misinformation."

I Just Got Back Into the Digital Town Square, thanks to Elon's New Twitter Regime

A Child is Born.

Emergency Talk Can and Will Be Weaponised Again

My Faith in the Scientific, Medical, and Public Health Establishment Has Been Shattered

The "Conspiracy Theorists" Were Largely Right, After All

Here's How Political and Scientific Censorship Short-Circuits the Quest for Truth

Romantic Individualism, However Seductive, Cannot Undo the Individual's Profound Dependence on Social Structures

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Is Wokeism a Religion for the Left?

How Meaningful is My Work? Answer these Fifteen Questions to Find Out

Just for the record, here's why Twitter suspended my account in October 2021...

Is Elon Musk About to Grant Suspended Twitter Accounts a General Amnesty?

Musk is freeing the bird, at last

Social Engineering Experiments Have an Appalling Track Record

Ten Lessons from the Covid Pandemic

Celebrating a Year of Uncensored Blogging

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 19: The Public Response to Covid-19: What Went Wrong?

Why National Democracy is Condemned to Wobble Between Technocracy and Populism

Far too many people are still dying - why is this not frontpage news?

The Freedom Workshop: A Special Time-Limited Offer for Paid Subscribers Only

Will Elon Musk Manage to "Free the Bird?" I Certainly Hope So

Big Brother is Watching You: The Chilling Effect of Big Tech Censorship

If these facts don’t shake your faith in Big Pharma, I don’t know what will

Civil Society is the Cornerstone of a Free Society: Watch My Free Webinar Here

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 18: Sacrifice Is, and Always Will Be, the Price of Freedom

Civil Associations Are The Dukes and Barons of Modern Democracy

Florida’s Surgeon General Advises Against mRNA Vaccine for Young Men 18-39 Years of Age

A Few Simple Truths That Were Brushed Under the Carpet During the Pandemic

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Unlocking the Hidden Power of Civil Society: Free Webinar (Wed, 5th Oct. at 7:30-8:30pm UK time)

To Protect Our Liberties, We Must Learn to Leverage the Art of Association

Here's Why I Take Mainstream Coverage of Populism with a Grain of Salt

Our Freedoms are Safeguarded by the Sacrifices of a Few

Emergency Talk is a Weapon of Mass Control. It Must be Disarmed.

Former Chancellor Offers Insider's Take on UK's Ill-Considered Pandemic Policies

CDC Substantially Revises Covid Guidelines

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 17: If you feel like Truman, you’re not alone

On the Nature of a Free and Open Society, and Why It's Worth Fighting For

We Have Just Lived Through a Weird Reenactment of the Truman Show

"Unwanted or harmful content" is whatever puts LinkedIn managers in a bad mood

Are the Covid mRNA Vaccines Demonstrably Safe? The Jury is Still Out, According to this Harvard Epidemiologist

Looking Death in the Face Has a Way of Reorganising Your Priorities

Reader's and Listener's Digest - July 2022

LinkedIn's Misinformation Policies are an Attack on Science, Rationality and Social Progress

I'm a father. For the first time.

Twitter Admits It Wrongly Suspended the Account of a High-Profile Critic of Covid Vaccines

Eight Pressing Questions About the Covid Vaccines

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 16: Bodily Autonomy Only Matters When You Want to Score Political Points

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Reader's and Listener's Digest - June 2022

Every Self-Respecting Western Nation Should Launch a Public Covid Inquiry - But the Devil Will Be in the Detail

The Myth of the Sovereign State Blinds Us To the Problem-Solving Power of Grassroots Organisations

The Catastrophic Harms of Expert Opinion Could Have Been Greatly Mitigated: Here's How

Here's Why a WHO-Led Pandemic Treaty is a Terrible Idea

If a Fuel Crisis Can Justify a Lockdown, Anything Can

Monocentrism vs. Polycentrism: Two Competing Images of Civil Order

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 15: Why a WHO-Led Pandemic Treaty is a Terrible Idea

The Disappointing Performance of mRNA Vaccines - Brought to You By CNN

On the Nature of a Free and Open Society, and Why It's Worth Fighting For

A Free and Open Society is a Delicate Achievement, Whose Future Now Hangs in the Balance

Six Principles for Understanding the Power Game

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 14: Can We Rehabilitate Our Ailing Public Sphere?

Being Against Medical Coercion Has Nothing Whatsoever to Do With Being "Anti-Vax"

Scientism is a Soothing but Mind-Numbing Narcotic

An Examination of Conscience for Frequent Social Media Users

On the Collapse of Prudence

What is at Stake in Roe vs. Wade Goes Far Beyond a Squabble Between Liberals and Conservatives

The Worship of Rules is the Death of Freedom and the Birth of Totalitarianism

How Might We Promote More Functional and Thriving Neighbourhoods?

How Might Elon Musk Go About Converting Twitter into a Genuine Free Speech Platform?

Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter Is a Step in the Right Direction for Freedom of Speech

Good Neighbourhoods Make For Good Citizens

Religion, On My Terms

Reader's and Listener's Digest

Easter: A Time of Hope

What is the Proper Role of Expert Opinion in the Management of a Public Crisis? Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic

Shanghai’s Orwellian Nightmare Is A Stark Reminder of the Inhumanity of Absolutist Approaches to Disease Control

What is Elon Musk's Endgame with Twitter?

We’re Still Hunkering Down in the Bunker, But Nobody Quite Knows Why

Six False Beliefs About Science

Could Elon Musk's $2.89 Billion Investment in Twitter Be a Victory for Free Speech?

Is Civil Society Strong Enough To Withstand the Menace of Democratic Despotism? - Part 4

Could Elon Musk Convert Twitter into a Free Speech Platform?

Two Fronts in the Battle for Freedom

Five Things We Can Do To Build Stronger Communities and Protect Them From Overbearing Governments

How Can We Prevent A Future Government From Exploiting The Next Global Crisis to Curtail Citizens' Liberties?

How Can We Defend Freedom Against the Tyranny of States and Corporations?

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT Ep. 12: A Short Reflection on War and Vulnerability

Is Civil Society Strong Enough to Withstand the Menace of Democratic Despotism? - Part 3

The Art of Living During Times of Crisis

The State Is Not Your Daddy - and Big Pharma Isn't Either

Is Civil Society Strong Enough to Withstand the Menace of Democratic Despotism? - Part 2

Two Cheers for the End of Lockdowns, Masks and Health Passes

Is Civil Society Strong Enough to Withstand the Menace of Democratic Despotism? - Part 1

Mainstream Media Bias and Propaganda Must Be Checked By Independent Journalism

A Pitstop Tour of Independent Media

The Two Faces of Tyranny

We must practice the art of living, here and now, however broken the world may be

It's Time to Abolish Mask Mandates, This Time For Good

The Narrative of the Sovereign, Self-Governing People Is Harnessed by Elites to Legitimate Fundamentally Oligarchic States

Congratulations Mr Trudeau. You've Woken Up a Sleeping Giant.

Most Covid Measures Were About as Effective As a Harvest Dance

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 11: Freedom Convoy Treated as Terrorists

Were Harms of Pandemic Policies Due to Innocent Mistakes or Criminal Negligence?

I want to live in a community, not a collective

I think I must have some Dutch DNA in me

If I hear the term, "anti-vaxxer," "anti-science," or "Covid-denier" one more time...

Well Played, Djokovic!

Maintenance of EU Digital Covid Certificate is a Travesty of Public Health Science

State Powers Must Be Offset by Robust Rights and Prerogatives for Local Actors

How Social Complexity Supports Human Flourishing

How the Concept of Misinformation Has Been Weaponised to Silence Dissenting Voices

A Peak Into Subscriber-Exclusive Content on The Freedom Blog

Is Practical Wisdom Dead?

The Battle for Our Freedom Has Only Just Begun

Why I've Had Enough of Collectivism

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT, Ep. 10: Why I've Had Enough of Collectivism

Dear Mr Trudeau, this needs to stop right now.

To make the world a safer place...

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT Ep. 9: The Freedom Convoy, Calls to Censor Joe Rogan, and More...

Invitation to The Freedom Blog's First Livestream Event

Here's Why Covid Measures Are Jeopardising the Future of Free and Open Societies

Do Mask Mandates Cultivate Habits of Unthinking Conformism?

If you want to cancel Joe Rogan, you are fighting against a free and open society

Can We Please End This Embarrassing Vax Pass Charade?

Independent Journalism Can Protect Citizens Against Mindless Propaganda

Announcing the Freedom Blog's First Ever Livestream Session - Monday, 31st January at 7:30pm London Time

Mask Mandates Sum Up All That Is Wrong with the New Covid Regime

Vaccine Passes to be Abolished in Ireland

Will England Lead the Way Out of Covid Authoritarianism?

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT Ep. 7: Will England Lead the Way Out of Covid Authoritarianism?

Are Western Democracies on the Brink of a Regime Change?

How Governments Have Misrepresented and Distorted PCR and Hospitalisation Data

How Dutch Windows Represent the Fine Line Between the Public and Private Spheres

Eighteen Reasons To Join GETTR

Five Reasons Omicron is Good News

A Video Compilation from 2021

An Open Letter to President Macron

Macron Wants to "Fu** Up" the Life of Unvaccinated Citizens

Going Dutch on Masks

My New Year's Social Media Resolutions

Twitter is Growing More Toxic by the Day: It's Time to Branch Out

A Glimmer of Hope for 2022

Freedom is Good for Your Health