What is The Freedom Blog?

What inspired me to start an independent blog was the extraordinary intolerance of mainstream media organisations, whether newspapers, TV, radio, or social media platforms, toward any attempt to offer a perspective on the science and politics of Covid-19 that dissented from the standard pro-lockdown narrative.

Both a national and regional newspaper that had published me regularly cut me off completely when I started raising awkward questions about the ethical and scientific basis of Covid policies. Youtube took down two of my videos. Twitter cancelled my account outright for speaking out against the official Covid narrative. LinkedIn removed me for pointing out Big Pharma’s notorious track record of fraud and deception.

But the Freedom Blog is much bigger than Covid. It aims to offer an independent and un-censored perspective on contemporary society, culture, and politics, informed by a firm belief in the value of human freedom as a well-spring of creativity and personal and social improvement.

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Here is a link to my 20 minute interview on the merits of lockdowns, on GB News.

Here is a link to my feature-length article in the Clingendael Spectator, “Is the Pandemic Turning the West into China?”

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Researcher and lecturer of political philosophy at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. I am especially interested in issues connected with the culture and institutions of a free and open society. For more information, see davidthunder.com.