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Two Months Later, and I Still Don't Know Why Twitter Suspended My Account for Good

This Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Seven Questions Public Authorities Are Avoiding Like the Plague

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THUNDER OFF SCRIPT (12/12/2021): Five Official Covid Myths Debunked

A Warrior Must Care For His Soul Too

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT (11/12/2021): Does Mandatory Masking Promote A Culture of Conformism?

We Live In a Culture of Decadent Mercy

Some Friendly Advice for My Doctor and Nurse Friends

COMING SOON: Why Democratic Power Can Seduce People Into Servitude

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THUNDER OFF SCRIPT (8/12/2021): The Rise of Collectivism in the West

Are We In A "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated"?

Here’s How We Know that Western Governments Are Not Acting as Good Faith Stewards of the Public Interest

Many Parts of the "Free World" May Be Transitioning Toward a More Illiberal and Authoritarian Regime

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT (4/12/2021): Who is to Blame for the Crisis of Trust in Public Institutions?

A Penny For Your Thoughts...

Ten Takeaway Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic: In a Nutshell

Ten Takeaway Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Nitty-Gritty Version

Here's How You Know If You're in the Grips of Ideological Thinking

THUNDER OFF SCRIPT (29/11/2021): Should We Be Scared of the Omicron Variant?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is Up to His Old Tricks Again...

The Subordination of Human and Civil Rights to Public Health Policies is a Recipe for Political Oppression

Why Centralising Control of Scientific and Political Speech Is A Terrible Idea

Six Ways To Keep Citizens in the Dark Without Telling an Outright Lie

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Are Pandemic Policies Turning the West Into China?

Vaccine Discrimination Is About Money and Power, Not Public Health

Democracy Is More Precarious Than Many of Us Realise

Science and Politics Are Dangerous Bedfellows

Is Groupthink as Old as Democracy?

Pride Comes Before a Fall

We Should Not Blame Conspiracy Theorists for the Crisis of Trust in Public Authority

Western Pandemic Policies Reflect a Naive Faith in Our Power to Engineer a Better World

Vaccine Passes Have No Place in a Free and Open Society

How the Concept of 'Misinformation' Has Been Weaponised to Suppress Dissenting Viewpoints

Public Discussion as a Discovery Process

Why I Was Deplatformed by Twitter

Why I Moved My Blog To Substack