Often, the fear mongers are the same ones happily sending uranium depleted weapons to war zones. Where is their concern for the planet and future generations then? Do they believe their own words?

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Aug 10, 2023·edited Aug 10, 2023

Good day David and commentariat,

I am 72 years old and have my health and wits about me. These Oligarch frauds have wasted 60+ years to finally sound the alarm. The alarm was sounded 60 years ago by James Lovelock NASA scientist and author of Gaia Hypothesis now theory in Earth systems science, and his profoundly learned and credentialed collaborator Lynn Margulis scientist PhD.

With the advent of the work of Jame Lovelock and Lynn Margulis the awarnes among the youth of that era was ignited. But these greedy bas*ards were not in a position to blame the blameless and make massive profit. Instead they stone walled the climate crisis until they could profit from it. Now that they can profit we must follow their lead. NOT!!!

It needs to be understood that the 1960s and 1970s movements to reduce Global Warming were predicated on self sufficiency. That is small farms (see Wendell Berry} self sufficient small agricultural based communities. Sadly that was not to be.

Rather Agricultural Secretary Earl Butz (during Nixon and Ford Administrations) told small farmers to get big or get out. So now we have Bill Gates owning almost all the arable land in Washington state. Bill Gates is not a farmer. He is an example of corporate agriculture which controls the food we eat, through pharma the medicine we take and the programing we watch on our cell phones, TV, Radio and print media.

"Get Big or Get Out" was the beginning of the subsidization of Agri Biz and the destruction of small farms and communities, the herding of people into cities, suburbs etc. The densely populated and polluted habitat (cities and suburbs) are CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) for humans. Where all inputs are controlled by corporate interests. What are these inputs?

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One thing of interest came to my attention a few days ago. Besides the fact the sun has more control over our climate than we do, so does the earth. Even with record low temps, and lots of polar ice formation, the oceans are still increasing in temperature. Seems it can be tied back to volcanic activity well below the surface. Lots of thermal vents are opening up resulting in molten lava and hot gases released deep into the ocean. The volcano that erupted deep in the Pacific had a tremendous impact not only on the ocean water temps, but the atmosphere. All this climate crisis is nothing more than a way to fear monger and control the masses.

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Governing selves entails using sound principles. I did not see a sound candidate in the picture.

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