Thank you for this.

Allowing this go to unpunished is to spit on all those who suffered from, and/or lost their lives to the abuse.

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Well said Sir. Nice to see your face on the Utube too!

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Thanks Andy!

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Those persons who are looking now, to simply "move on" are absolutely boiling my piss. (Excuse the profanity, but the unashamed neck of them, wtf?)

The over reach of Government. They torched our Constitution like it was toilet paper. Disgraceful, shameful, disgusting.

They stood in front of the public and lied and lied and lied. The legacy media are complicit in the lies and should also be accountable.

Don't they all realise, that it wasn't like recommending a book that turned out to be shite. People died, for fuck sake.

Friendships and families were shredded beyond repair in some cases.

No way

No deals

No Amnesty

Never Forget

Never Again.

Justice, and only Justice.

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