Thank you David for this excellent, in depth look at this whole thing.

Free Speech? Extinct unfortunately.

There are however many ways to circumvent the barriers.

Circumspect & respectful approach does work.

Dr. John Campbell is an absolute expert on surviving on You Tube!

Watch a few of his on point videos to learn how to dodge the mines!

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David, I too dare Elon Musk to take on the censorship of the Green House, the Green NGO’s, the Green European Union, the United Green Nations, the Green Foundations, the Green Tech and the Green Poets. The use of legal warfare against the great green practitioner’s who used the law and Sue/Settle to stop energy and economic development in the entire world.

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Elon Musk is one of THEM.

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As you eluded to, twitter has an incredibly huge user base- and that’s why it’s so valuable. He may say it’s about free speech but it’s about that huge base on which to build a whole new market -as in the expansion of twitter to an online market. Always about $$...no billionaires are humanitarians.

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