this is indeed a deeply meaningful post. Thank you! . It resonates with the fundamental principles of Buddhism by which I strive to live.

When I went to Japan for the first time to share experiences of my Buddhist faith with others from all over the world, and also listen to encouragement shared by my mentor, I was given the rare opportunity to receive personal guidance from a deeply experienced youth leader.

The only thing I fervently sought as a youth was my question. What is true freedom?

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. True freedom, imho, is a prerequisite for true happiness. Inner freedom entails an indomitable fighting spirit for the happiness of oneself and others. I believe we are really free only when we are really unshakeable. Really strong. When we have hope, and steadfast faith in our full potential. Everyones' full potential.

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Thank you for all that you do . .

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Excellent post. Thank you.

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