LinkedIn is a total joke these days, I am a housewife I have not worked in years (although I did have a successful career many years ago) that I never even posted on LinkedIn. I have a profile with my picture and my contact information, that’s it, that I started when LinkedIn was brand new. But every day or so , starting right about the time they were getting bad publicity, I started receiving almost daily emails from LinkedIn telling me that my profile is “getting a lot of attention” blah blah blah. What a joke! Literally they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with my profile! I only keep my profile on there for the laughs I get from their obviously poorly run organization.

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My Twitter account with 10.5k followers was taken down because I was accused of promoting violence. No-one at Twitter could explain to me what the violence was…

I wrote a post here about the illusion of free speech in my country the UK


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