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As always….well said! Thank you!

Linking an excellent article from The American Conservative about how languages change to fit agendas. Here’s a quote:

“ Language is transformed: it is no longer used to communicate or express, but to conceal a contrived continuity between the system and reality. “


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The interesting phenomenon, of course, is that there are those who, like me, at one time thought “anti-vaxxers” to be misguided naïfs.

The circumstances surrounding the “Covid vaccine” have certainly raised questions, however, and what I have found while searching for answers casts a dark shadow over vaccines in general. The more I learn, the more I begin to feel that “anti-vaxxers” may be onto something important.

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In my opinion the anti vaxxer versus pro vaxxer is being used as the next identity politics. Why not be neutral vax? In 2019 it was a conversation you could have when it felt appropriate. But now it's everybody's business whether your pro or anti. If you want to take a vaccine why can't you do it and not tell the whole world about it?

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I've been anti-vaccine for decades.

Don't care who knows it.

But many of my social media rants against the injections du jour pointed out that the covid injections never even met the definitions for vaccine, even after the CDC nerfed their definition with a downgrade from "immunity" to "protection" in 2021.

The covid products are a total sham, even compared to the rest of the 80+ shot CDC vaccination schedule.

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