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Love it. Very well articulated! Thank you. Everyone should read and appreciate this!

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Every society, and perhaps a Free and Open Society even more so, requires enforceable rules agreed to by all. And there's the rub: all. Absent a rather significant amount of homogeneity in the "all" there will always be the defenders of a Free and Open Society and everyone else. A very thought-provoking article. Thank you.

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What I find most sad is that you have to list the attributes of a free society. A free society should be defined as any society with a very short list of constraints, not the other way round!

Increasingly, I'm finding the people need less protection from each other and more from the state, in order to find peace and security.

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Excellent expose of the evil criminality that occurred in the so called medical emergency.

True definition of how gullible most folk really are.

The whole shebang was actually the NWO testing what exactly they could get away with before people rioted.

Devastating expose of just how ridiculous all of our beliefs in a Democratic society is.

Clearly shown that democracy is yet another facade, to cover the true evil at the heart of all governments.

Thank you for your time & attention to detail.

Thank you for posting your article too.

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