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What a treat, having Trish Wood and David Thunder on the same podcast! Thank you both for your sensible, measured approach to all things Covid.

I agree about the masks. People seem to have such an emotional response to them. Trish mentioned the 'pacifier' effect. In my mind masks are like a security blanket, or even an invisibility cloak. I truly believe that many people view masks as having magical properties. Anyway, here in British Columbia, they did away with the mask mandate just over one week ago. I'm extremely happy, but also a bit cautiously optimistic. If they bring masks back in the fall/winter , I will be devastated.

The Truckers Freedom Convoy was an absolute joy, and ultimately a heartbreak. I'm surprised you guys didn't mention the truckers leaders/organizers being jailed. I think Tamara Lich was in jail for 18 days!!!!

According to Justin Trudeau, I am a bad person. I did not 'step up to the plate'. I did not 'do my part'. But as a retired RN, I know that these comments and other insults out of the mouth of Mr Trudeau, are ludicrous and are NOT based on 'science'. I still am not permitted to board a plane, because I am unclean. This ruling coming from the Federal government, is PUNITIVE. I have family in the UK.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

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